Month: May 2017

Part 3: Heading East – “Standin’ on a Corner”

That evening I made it to Flagstaff, Arizona and pulled in to a Walmart parking lot. As many RV’ers know, most Walmart’s allow for overnight RV and bus parking. As a traveller just passing through, it is a wonderful opportunity to rest safely and inexpensively. And as a humorous juxtaposition,  one of my favorite author/musicians, Neil Peart likes to label them as “Chateau Walmart.” So, I will in respectful homage do the same thing. This was my first experience at a one of the asphalt chateau’s and my apprehensions were eased due to a number of other  RV’ers settled...

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Part 2: Las Vegas – “Groundhog Day”

IMG_6893 Vegas, Baby! I’ve actually spent a good amount of time here. As Didiayer had been the on-camera host for MGM’s TV show, the Snyder’s often traveled here and I tended to visit at that time as well. But this time was different as we would not be returning to Los Angeles. I drove to the RV Park at Circus Circus and planned to stay for about a week or so. The Snyder’s would stay with a friend as they did not have their RV yet and were waiting for their financing to come through after selling their house....

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Part 1: Departure – “The Road Life Begins”

It’s amazing to see yourself inside a large life-changing experience that month’s ago was only a plan. The plan was to move a family of 4 into one RV and me into another. The purpose was to live on the road while traveling around the United States filming Season 2 of our television Show “At Home With Didiayer.” Another purpose was to was for our musical duo “Standing in Waves” to write, record, and perform music in all these various settings. The expectation was to do this for six to eight months. Didiayer, her husband Christopher, and their two...

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