I just finished watching Pink Floyd’sPulse” DVD. Most importantly, the Behind the scenes look at the tour. I honestly got a little choked up. There was such passion from all the people, sincerity in their smiles, and admiration for their achievements. The Pink Floyd is bigger than any one person and bigger than the band. It’s everyone that’s listening too. There’s that “something” in the air – that connection where everyone comes together in truth, honesty, and reality. Musicians never get to do something that grand by believing that the world owes them something. The most successful people in this world have made their mark and managed to keep the dust from covering it by having something to say AND believing in it. It could be a song, an invention, a book, a quote, an action, a movement or an experience. They all have one thing in common. An idea and ideal. Only my closest friends have ever actually asked me why I’ve decided to pursue a life as a musician. I admit, at first, I didn’t really have an answer. When I was younger, I didn’t really think about that too much. it was just fun. Then, there was this spark of realization that maybe there’s a living to be made from my talent. So, I started focusing and expanding on that. But, relationships are tough so people come and they go. Sometimes you even push them away. I’ve bled, I’ve sweated, and I’ve certainly cried and the most powerful thing that still remains is the “why”. Perhaps this answer will always be ever-changing and multifaceted but these are my thoughts right now.

Love – I love my closest friends/bandmates unconditionally. Through the developing depth of respect, sincerity, truth-seeking, and faith, I have not only desire but a sense of obligation to put forth my best effort to see their dreams and interests fulfilled. They deserve it.

Truth – I have learned through my history as a musician many great truths about myself. I believe this to be such an important key to life. I certainly don’t have all my answers but if a Krimzen song, lyric, blog, or image can inspire someone’s interest of them self, I’ll have given back to a world that’s given so much to me.

Community – You know, that energy when you’re in a stadium, arena, or club for a show. Everyone is there for the same purpose. The positive energy is infectious. It’s a reward for everyone. I feel my talent has been given to me to help create more of that.

Experience – This is the only world we have and there’s so much of it I’ve yet to see. People and places. I want to share love, truth, and community with those whom I am separated by the barrier of language.

There is plenty of room in this world for positive growth in the way people think, act, and treat each other. Let’s make the most of it huh?

“Your mind’s alive – a web of circuitry and fireproof” – Soldiers Sojourn

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