Vegas, Baby! I’ve actually spent a good amount of time here. As Didiayer had been the on-camera host for MGM’s TV show, the Snyder’s often traveled here and I tended to visit at that time as well. But this time was different as we would not be returning to Los Angeles. I drove to the RV Park at Circus Circus and planned to stay for about a week or so. The Snyder’s would stay with a friend as they did not have their RV yet and were waiting for their financing to come through after selling their house. Due to this, all of their “stuff” was packed inside my RV to save from renting a trailer or storage space. Every drawer, shelf, or open space was stuffed with something. Including my bed. So, I was sleeping on my couch but still had my desk to work at. Due to this, I only felt half-settled. It is an odd feeling adjusting to a new environment after working towards it for almost a year. All that energy that I put in to finding an RV, the money for it, convincing myself this was the right decision, fighting off doubt, and planning the trip had brought me here. Those emotions still lingered but I was ready to get to work. On music that is. Starting on season two of AHWD was still several months off so there was plenty of time to write, record, and rehearse.  Christopher would drop by every day or so for a productive music session and we would also discuss plans and hopes for our experiences over the coming months. It was hot, reaching 110 or so during the day. My ceiling air conditioner could barely keep up and my cold water even came out hot. Still waiting for finances to clear, the days began blending together in a mesh of heat and sound. Also, having visited Las Vegas numerous times in the previous several years, it’s perceived “newness” had worn off and was now practically familiar. Becoming antsy, refuge was found in hikes through the mountains and visits with old fiends. Still, the moving air of the road was whistling a clear melody. It was nearing time to leave.


When you know an event or opportunity lies in from of you and it is not contingent on a date but rather a set of circumstances, it can be frustrating. I needed to snap out of the carbon copy days and I sensed that my friends were ready to as well.  It had been over three weeks since we arrived and would be another ten days until the Snyder’s could purchase their RV which was in Dallas, Texas. Even they were ready to move on. Looking at a map, I realized that only six hours north of Dallas was Grove, Oklahoma where my parents own a vacation home on a lake. I suggested that we all head there for a change of scenery,  temperature, and of course to do some water skiing and wake boarding. Agreed! Because my family was there, I decided to leave a couple days early to spend extra time with them. So on a rare rainy August evening I headed east out of Las Vegas, across the Hoover Dam, and in to Arizona. I felt like this adventure was finally beginning!


Written by AHWD Cameraman and musician, Michael Edwards. visit:

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